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Handmade Luxury Chocolate Gifts 

Are you looking for fabulous centrepieces for your event? 
I can make fashionable and edible chocolate shoes, bags and much more.

Assortment of delectable chocolates 

Using the finest cacao and the freshest ingredients, I have developed a wonderful collection of hand-painted chocolates. Drawing from my love of art, I can create chocolates to delight your visual senses and enchant your palate.  At Chocolate Arthouse, you can order customised chocolate treats for every occasion, including birthday parties, Christmas, weddings and  more.

I offer a delivery service in Dorset, Somerset and across the UK and worldwide. Place an order online today. You can also meet me in person at various events across Dorset.
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Grapefruit puree is infused with the zest of the fruit and aromatic rosemary from my garden. This vibrant blend is then folded into milk chocolate to create an unusual flavour. I think it’s a marriage made in heaven.
The sicilian

The Sicilian

This beautifully hand-painted spotted dome hides a luscious zingy lemon and milk chocolate ganache, in a dark chocolate shell that packs a mouth-watering punch.


In my attempt to capture the essence of the lemon, I infuse it in a blackcurrant puree and make a 70% dark chocolate ganache. All encased in an airbrushed cube.
Double Barrelled

Double Barrelled

Balvenie Doublewood Single Malt Scotch Whisky lends its multi-layered flavour to this delicious after-dinner milk chocolate. With its unusual process using two different wooden barrels to mature the whisky, the flavours are rich, sweet and well-rounded.
The Italian chocolate

The Italian

Tiramisu, an all-time favourite dessert has influenced this triple chocolate version. Mascarpone cheese and white chocolate ganache, flavoured with Tahitian vanilla surrounds an espresso dark ganache, hiding amoretti biscuit, all in a milk chocolate shell.
first love

First Love

One of my first creations; this chocolate packs a fiery chilli punch tempered by lime zest, pulp and juice and Muscovado sugar in dark chocolate. It leaves you with tongue tingling pleasure.
oriental passion

Oriental Passion

Passionfruit, infused with aromatic oriental cardamom and milk chocolate.
sour cherry

Sour Cherry

Cherry is a tricky fruit, so I use a special variety of sour cherries for their tartness. The cherries are pureed, sharpened, combined with milk chocolate, piped into a dark chocolate shell and for an extra treat there’s a piece of dried sour cherry snuggling inside.


Mango is my favourite fruit. I marry the puree into a white choc ganache which is piped into a dark Concertina shaped chocolate shell, studded with crystallised ginger pieces. Its dark yellow colour, streaked with black is as visually striking as it tastes.
sea splash

Sea Splash

Indulgent, luxuriant, creamy, buttery caramel, sprinkled with Maldon sea salt and folded into milk chocolate. The milk chocolate, sea-blue shell has white surf splashes. A contemporary classic.
strawberry blush

Strawberry Blush

What could be more delightful than the sweetness of strawberries picked fresh from the garden on a summer's day? Try this combination of strawberries, white chocolate and white balsamic vinegar.


Inspired by French painter Robert Delaunay’s use of colour, this chocolate is an intense 70% dark chocolate and orange ganache classic. However, like the artist, I’ve introduced my own special twist and layered it over a homemade raspberry pate de fruits.
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